Tuesday, April 22, 2008


8 Things that I am passionate about:

*My Faith/Callings
*My Honeybunches
*My Children (Alex, Emily, And Andrew)
*My Family And Shanes Family
*Our Home
*Serving Others
*My Friends
*My Books

8 things I want to do before I die:

*Have A "Better Homes And Garden House" Everything has a place and everything in it's place
*Mission With Shane
*Watch Children Go On Missions, Get Married In The Temple, And Have Fulfilling Lives
*Go On A Massive Shopping Spree Where $ Is NO Object, With My Mom And Sister
*Finish My Daily To Do List In One Day
*Have Shane Retire And We Travel (Back To Our Missions, Spain & Australia)
*Own A Milking Cow

8 Things that I often say:

*Was That A Good Choice?
*Please Don't
*I Love You
*I'm So Glad Your Mine
*Get In The Van, Get In The Van ,Get In The V-A-N, Get In The Van, Get In The Van, Get In The V-A-N Sung To A Nice Little Tune.
*Do You Want To GO TO Time-Out?
*Do I Have To Wake Up?

8 Things that I have learned this past year:

*There Will Never Be Enough Time
*I Can Survive Without A Cherry Coke
*I Can't Survive Without My Family And Friends
*I Need Patience
*I Love Having A Dishwasher
*My Husband Knows How To Use, And Loves Using A Dishwasher
*I Like Blogging

8 Things I must do to feel good each day:

*Shower/Get Dressed
*Talk To My Mom And Sister
*Personal And Family Prayer
*Make A List
*Hug/Kiss Shane And The Kids
*Watch My Children Sleep
*Open All The Blinds In The House

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

*Like Me At My Best And Worst
*Don't Judge
*Don't Give Up On Me
*Sense Of Humor

8 people I think should do Crazy 8's:


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photo Shoot On The Beach

We had a photo shoot on the beach with a friend of ours from the branch. She did an awesome job didn't she?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Charlottes' Web"

We Have Been Reading Charlotte's Web As A Family, And We Are Almost Finished. Shane And Alex Have The Week Off For Spring Break, So We Decided To Take The Kids To A Local Farm So The Could See And Pet Some Of The Animals From The Book.

Emily And Andrew Slept On The Way

Alex Was So Excited (Are We There Yet?)

Emily And Andrew Petting A Pig Like Wilbur
Andrew Petting A Calf Tractor Fun
The Strawberry Farm
Enjoying The Fruits Of Their Labor
When We Got Home I Made Strawberry

Short Cake And Strawberry Freezer Jam

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Gratitude List

A Random List Of Things I Am Grateful For

1. My Family

2. My Faith

3. John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt (My Saving Grace In The Car)

4. Going To Bed, And Nothing Has Been Damaged And No One Is Hurt.

5. A Voice of Reason When I am Not Being Reasonable (Shane, Mom, Cher, My Friends)

6. A Husband, Who After 7 Years Of Marriage Still Thinks I'm Sexy

7. Fabric Softener

8. A Craft Room For Me To Play In

9. A View Of The Bay Every Morning

10. Libraries

11. Eye's To See My Kids, Ears To Hear Their Laughter And A Heart To Love Them No Matter What

12. The Ability To Have Hot Food Hot And Cold Food Cold.

13. Pajama Pants

14. Wall Stickers

14. Window Markers

15. My Cell Phone

16. A Fenced In Backyard

17. A Digital Camera (Instant Gratification)

18. A Hobby Lobby In Town

19. Hobby Lobby 40% Off Coupons

20. Pure Mexican Vanilla

21. A Desire To Never Stop Trying To Do Better

22. My Home Computer

23. High Speed Internet (Again Instant Gratification)

24. Luvy Toys

25. Pedicures

26. New Clothes (When I Can Get Them)

27. Blogger.Com

28. Crackers And Cheese

29. Sonic Ice (And Happy Hour)

30. Laughing With My Mom And Sister

31. Power Locks, Windows, And Doors

32. Reading With My Kids

33. My Books, I Love My Books

34. Turbo Tax

35. Noisy Gifts For My Nieces And Nephews

36. The Dollar Tree

37. Good Movies (That Are Even Better Books)

38. Good Parents That Love And Support Me

39. Caffeine Free Coca Cola Classic

40. Hair Color To Cover Up My Gray

41. Tweezers To Pull Out The Ones That Don't Get Covered

42. When My Husband Has Vacation

43 When My Husband Goes Back To Work After His Vacation (Only Because I thrive On Routines And They Seem To Not Happen When He IS Home)

44. Funny Things My Kids Say, Emily: It's Froggy Outside. Andrew: Stop Whining. Alex: I'm So Proud Of You, You Make Me So Happy, You Are So Pretty.

45. Scented Candles

46. When People Come To Visit (Especially Ones That Live Far Away)

47. Walking On The Beach

48. People Who Have Faith In Me, Even When I Don't Have Faith In Myself

49. Any Time I Can Spend With Family And Friends

50. My Freedom

51. Two Number 14's

And A List Goes On.........