Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where Have We Been? (caution extremely long post ahead)

Enough Said

Eventually it did turn into this....and than back again to how is was

My kids are obsessed with anything Peter Pan or pirates, we have seen almost all the movies and are reading the book together, needless to say they all wanted to be pirates for Halloween

We even found a cute little pirate costume for Baby J
At the last minute Dad & Mom decided to join in on the fun,
So I raided our closet and we became pirates as well.
They had this really fun Harvest Festival at a park near our house so we took the kids. They had so many fun and free activities for them to do, Including this really cute pumpkin mask.

Dad took this week off to relax and for us to go and see New Moon on Thursday/Friday (he thinks I am the excited one) So on Monday after the kids got home from school we wanted to go for a drive and check out an Air Force base that is about 2 hours from us about 10 min from our destination this happens

I have become such a Pro at changing tires thanks Matt & Sara . Between Me And Shane we had the tire changed in about 10 min. Because it was getting so late and we hadn't made it to our destination, we decided to stay and spend the night on the base we were visiting. So the next morning we went the museum on base

Alex is really having fun
We were able to sit in some jet cock pits

They also had an All Wars Memorial that we stopped to see
All in all we have been pretty busy