Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Little Niece To Love

I made this little lap quilt and block for my new little niece Sarah
Welcome To The Family Sarah..... I Can't Wait To Cuddle You
Congratulations Cher And Ron

Once Was Lost, But Now There Found.

We took the kids out Kayaking a few weeks ago with a Kayak that we borrowed from a friend. We all had a blast, especially the kids. I lost the pictures somewhere on our computer. Than like magic they appeared again (Yea)
Dad and Alex
Alex Taking Over The Oar
Happy Princess
Can I Go Now?
Dad and Emily
Dad And Rooster

Creative Or Crazy? You Decide.

Shane and his friend Jason took Alex to the movies (Kung-Fu Panda). While I stayed home with Emily And Rooster (Andrew). It was time for Rooster's nap, I put him down so Emily and Mommy could have some one on one time together. Emily just got her first Barbie so we got out some of my old Barbie items to play with, some clothes my mom made and an old chair made out of wood that I think was my sister's (Cher if you are looking for it I have It). Anyway we didn't have a lot to play with. Being the CRAZY person that I am I saw a large piece of plastic foam from a box that was shipped to our house. So Emily and I decided to make our own Barbie furniture. Almost two and a half hours later this is what we came up with.
Couch, Blanket, Pillows, End Table, Lamp, and some Cd's
A Table complete with Table Wear, and a Chair
A Bed, Sheet, Pillow and Blanket
a Flat Screen TV, TV Stand, and VHS Video
Bookcase and Books
Toilet with Handle and Seat Cover
Rug, Coffee Table, Remote Control, Candle, Plate, And a CD Our Happy Little Princess
We added some stickers to make them look a little more real

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Super Hero Cleaners

Every morning my Little Super Hero's come to my rescue.
They put on their capes and I say "Oh No! Who is going to help me clean up all this mess and make all these beds, Oh No! What am I going to do." help me
Than all at once I have 3 little Super Hero's running around the house helping me clean up each room and helping me to make each bed .
Their good with laundry too.
I Love Being A Mom