Sunday, February 21, 2010

You know You Have Been Near The Beach To Long If

When you ask your son to go and get his shoes on, and this happens.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Weight Loss Fairy

I have been in search of you my whole life. Where have you been hiding? I have no need of glass slippers, ball gowns, or a carriage drawn by horses. (although those things are all perfectly lovely) I am in need of something more, that must not end at the stroke of twelve. I too have been enslaved, enslaved and surrounded by good food, sweet evil nectar (Chery Coke), and a love for ice cream that does not love me back. I am afraid that my waist line has suffered the most, hips coming in at a smooth second. I have given my body over to creation on several occasions (not that I didn't enjoy these 4 wonderful opportunities) But the time has come to claim back my body and make some much needed improvements. I could really use your help in this area, for I have MUCH to loose and hope to GAIN no more. I will do my best to help in these efforts I will not rely on you alone. I will commit to exercise 3 or more times a week and I have loosened the evil nectar's grasp on me ( 1 1/2 months without). I will try to make better choices as to what I consume. Will you please use your secret powers to melt the pounds away and keep them at bay. Please come and arm me so that when the temptations come (and I know they will come) Help me to stave them off and not give into their empty calories. When my body is sore an tired help me to keep fighting and working toward our goal. when I start to look at the treadmill as my ultimate enemy please help me to see past the outer appearance of things and see that it is really a true friend to help me on my quest. If this letter finds you, please come promptly you are much needed.

With love
Mrs. B. Hansen

P.S. That Zumba class you endorse kicked my hinney. I had a great time, loads of fun, the hour and a half flew by. But today my legs are sore, my abs are aching, and I think I found some new muscles in my back that I wasn't aware of. I will return and get kicked around some more.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Look At Me

Baby "J" is finally able to get his cute little belly off the ground. He is officially mobile, good-bye every other day vacuuming routine, hello child chasing, (maybe I'll loose a few pounds) After 4 years I can finally see. My Friend told me about this place I got 2 pair of glasses for $20.95 including the $4.95 shipping, $8.00 a pair. I love a great deal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cold Weather & Warm Food

We have been having really cold weather (Florida is not supposed to be cold). So while we wait a little longer for beach season to come around, we have been enjoying hot cocoa mornings and slow comfort food evenings. (p.s. My kids think that I should get mother of the year because I can make bowls out of bread, who knew that something so simple could make them so happy?)