Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come And See Who Turned Three

Rooster is now three, Where has the time gone? He was so excited when he woke up he just kept walking around the house admiring all the decorations and shouting "It's my birthday, It's my birthday" For dinner he wanted to make his own pizza.
He wanted a green cake, you can't get much greener than a crayon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Baby "J" is now two months old
He weighs in at a wopping 15 lb 2 oz
Length 24.5 in
Head 16.25 in Look At Those Baby Blue Eyes
They are the same shade of blue my mom's were
Work-in-out Hansen Style
Unfortunatly with only one vehicle and Shanes crazy schedule,
the kids are going to be riding the bus this year so
we have been practicing waiting in line at the bus stop
& how to sit on the bus (Cute bus driver)
Yes that is an empty Coke bottle in the trash can, I have fallen off the wagon. I even forgot to recycle the bottle so it's a doubble whammy

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shoe Tying 101

Yes, sadly our family has succumbed to the age of Velcro, and our kids don't know how to tie their shoes. Not that we haven't tried, we just haven't been successful yet. But I am on a mission to teach both Mr. Zander & The Princess to tie their shoes before the start of school.
My recipe for shoe tying lessons
a child's shoe box
a shoe traced on the top and colored in
10 holes poked (5 on each side of the traced shoe)
1 shoe lace (laced through the holes and one side colored)
Tape the box Shut
2 eager children ready to learn

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Fun

A member in our Branch has an awesome pool that he never uses, so he invited our family to come and swim on Saturday. The kids had a blast, especially Mr Zander not having his cast on. After swimming we had lunch by the pool. The kids insisted on sitting in their favorite color chair. Pink=Princess, Blue= Mr Zander, Green= Rooster.

Dad Feeding Baby "J" A Carrot

Little Diva

This Is How The Princess Helps Baby "J" Sleep