Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is Here

We have traded in our beach gear for hiking boots.
These photos were taken at a waterfall in the canyon we hiked into on Saturday
The kids had a blast using the rocks as a slippery slide.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents Day Hike

Ever since we moved, Shane has been itching to go to the mountains. So we took some time and spent Presidents Day up in the mountains. We had a little picnic before we went on our hike.

It was a little cold out so we took the socks from the clothes in our car kit to keep little hands warm.
We hiked a little, climbed rocks a little, drove a little, and scoped out future camping spots. We were even able to get the whole family in a photo, (thanks to this wonderful couple that offered to snap a shot for us)

The white cap trees were so beautiful, I couldn't resist getting a photo.
We had such a wonderful day making memories and reminiscing about past mountain adventures. We are so loving being near the mountains again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Need To Get Better At Posting

I am so far behind I have to go all the way back to Christmas? Yes, it would seem I have neglected our blog again. We had a wonderful Christmas In Florida, (Yes that was our Christmas tree, don't hate the tree we were moving) We made the kids these cute little travel bags to keep them busy on the 1700 mile trip. We were sad to be leaving our home in Florida, but were looking forward to new adventures on the horizon.
We tried to make the trip as fun as we could, and we did. We stopped in Alabama and took a tour of the USS Alabama battle ship, the kids had so much fun going back in history. They kept asking "were people really on this boat?" "Is this boat real?" Shane took the older kids on a tour of a US submarine. We also stopped in Texas and went through the Sonora Caverns. We were the only family there at that time so we were able to have a more private tour of the caves, we could go as fast or as slow as the kids needed.
My baby is growing up too fast. When our other kids were at about 18 months we would move them from the crib to a big kid bed, usually because we were expecting a baby and wanted them to get used to not being in the crib. Since we are no longer expanding our family we still wanted to stick with tradition and moved Baby "J" into his big boy bed.

I finally did it, I finally put together the rain gutter shelving in all the kids rooms. They kids are in heaven, they all love to read before they go to bed and when they wake up in the morning. I love it when it's too early to come downstairs, they can stay quiet in their room with their books. They all got to put their book on their shelves and they have arranged and rearranged them over and over again. I also love that they are so easy for them to use, they can see the cover, reach the book, and put it back easily when they are done.
We are officially homeschooling, and we are loving it. We have been studying ancient Egypt and I think I have learned more than the kids. They are very visual learners they love to do hands on activities. Once week we try to do a project about what we are learning, these pyramids we did last week. They had so much fun putting the pyramids together. I hope we have many more fun and enjoyable school days.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have an addiction not a bad addiction per say but an addiction none the less. I Love Books, I love to read books, I love to have books, I love to check books out, again and again. Twice a year our base library has a book sale (black Friday for the elderly) let me tell you, you have to be there early, wait in line and cram into a tiny room. But it is so worth it!! this it this years booty 26 books for $19. It was so much fun I had to go back later in the day without a toddler and get 8 more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Someone at our house was Baptised, Mr. Zander was so excited he didn't want to wait any longer after he turned 8 so he was baptized on his 8th Birthday. It was a wonderful day for him and our family, he is such an amazing boy I am so blessed that he is mine.
18 months and already making his fashion statement (it was Halloween so the color choice was spot on)
Can I just say we call him Rooster for a reason this boy is such a character, never a dull moment around here.
Our princess loves to create (she made this beautiful hat) She loves to draw and color we have stacks and stacks of little love notes she leaves for us around the house. Such a sweet girl.
This little boy is so patient with his siblings he just goes along enjoying all the showered attention
In Primary last month the focus was on service, my kids love to serve and this was a frequent sight at our house, they would make the beds, do each others chores, and help wherever they could. I am truly blessed to have such amazing children they are such a joy to me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Dude Got A Haircut

(I love this face)
We finally broke down and gave baby "J' a haircut.
He did great through the whole process.
And yes that is a faux-hawk, every time the poor baby gets out of the bath the Princess gets a hold of him and next think you know my baby has a faux-hawk.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy have we been busy!

The 3 older kids all started school on August 11.
They were all so excited especially Rooster it is his first year.

Than Rooster had his 4th Birthday (I simply adore four)

He wanted a Green and blue leapster

Party time!!! We combined their birthday party this year. They choose Mad Science as their theme. Boy did mom have fun planning. We started things up by dressing up as mad scientists
All party goes had a costume
Then we had to have mad scientist hair

We decorated the laboratory
And had science names for the food (thanks Ron) we had a blast making gross slimy things, things that glow, things that explode, we even made fake snow.
The kids and their parents all had a blast.