Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Haircut

The Princess Got A New Haircut And She Is So Excited To Let Everyone See It.
Alex Wanted To Be In A Picture To.
Andrew Wanted a Turn As Well
More Pictures Mom, More Pictures

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making way for more mayham and mishaps

I finally got around to cleaning out my craft room to make room for a new baby
Lucky for us we have never needed to take down and store the crib it has been in near constant use for almost 7 years.Rooster modeling how much fun a chair can be.More mayham and mishaps
Sunday Mr. Zander decided to run across the couch and jump to the love seat, unfortunately he didn't make it and broke his ulna and radius bones near his wrist. So now we have a blue Hulk arm.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Gift From Grandma J

When I was at my mom's house I found this fabric in her sewing room. I am not sure what she had planned to use it for, but I think she might have wanted to make a blanket for Jayden. So I made this blanket for Jayden on behalf of Grandma J. (Thank you Grandma J)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Gift Worth Fighting For

Grandma Mary made this cute blanket for the new little grandson to come (Thank you Grandma Mary). I made the mistake of opening it in front of my other three children, It has been an all out battle ever since. They all love this blanket and they all understand and tell me that it is Jayden's. But they just want to use it until he comes. For a while they had a rotating system where each night they would get a turn with it and than pass it along to the next sibling for the next night. I think they have finally let go of the coveted blanket for now, but we'll see!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

As I have been sorting through old papers and boxes of memories, clearing a spot for our new little bundle of joy and the new memories to come; I found this poem I wrote my Mother when I was a teenager about her and her mother. I did a little editing toward the end but most of it is the same.


As she brought you home on that special day
A newborn child entrusted to a mothers care
Silently she began to pray
And sought after a gift to share

O Please Mother Above I pray
Help me with this child I hold
To lead her in thy righteous way
And bless me with thy heart of gold

With selfless hands and that golden heart
She gave each day with love
A piece of that precious start
The gift she received from above

Though she has passed on
And dines with angels as her guests
With each new day dawn
She hears that golden heart request

As the child grew and had children of her own
She told the tales of her mothers heart of gold
How she wished we all could have Known
And how that Golden heart she sought to hold

As I watched my thoughtful mother day by day
And sought for memories I could hold
Each night I kneel down and humbly pray
Lord please bless me with my mother’s heart of gold.

These are little notes written about my Mother that I found from my homecoming talk from my mission. My homecoming talk was on Mothers day 2001

A message From Cher (daughter)

I am grateful for my mother. I see many special qualities with her. She has a great love for the Gospel and for all people. I am thankful for her example of Christlike attributes that she uses everyday. I hope to be like her.

A message from Izzy (daughter-in-law)

Mom is a very special person, as special as-you know! when a magical moment happens to you, once in a lifetime kind of thing! Something that is so great that if you try to explain, yea, you can relate to feelings and maybe some words, but can't never , ever be compared, because there is no other like her.

A message from Dick (brother-in-law)

1. Just to be around Judy makes you feel better about yourself.
2. Any little thing you do for her is greatly appreciated.
3. She loves to be pampered, little things are okay, big things are great.
4. She loves my cooking.

A message from Ann (sister)

I was supposed to write a few words why I think my sister is so special. That was real hard, because she is so very special. I have known Judy longer than about anyone. I was 4 when she came into our lives. At a very young age she became very ill. Our parents were not given much hope. She was never to have seen the age of 2. But our Heavenly Father had other plans for her. She struggled through her teen years, graduated from high school with a lot of school tutors. But fought on. She became a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Delivering each one of them in the cardiac unit of the hospital, but vowed she would raise them. She met a wonderful guy who needed her as much as she needed him, but he also had 3 great kids. Her dream was fulfilled she wanted a large family like mine. She did such a wonderful thing putting all their lives together. She has been my friend, my sister, my life is all the better for having her in it. Not only my life but the life of my family. My kids think she can do no wrong. Even my husband used to make the statement when she was single, if anything ever happened to me he was going to take me back to Utah to bury me and then was going to marry my sis. Yes we all think she is very special

A message from Betty (sister)

She's a one of a kind- She's always taken care of others priorities before she takes care of her own. She has a special way with her that she's fun to be with. She's a terrific seammstress, homemaker, and cook as many of you are aware of. If there is anyone that I would like to visit it is my "Special" sister Judy. We have always been very close, even as little kids, she would always make me laugh at the dinner table, which made me be sent to my room, but she would feel bad afterwards and come and sneak me the dessert I didn't get. She is a very strong person. She has went through many difficult triumphs and trials in her lifetime, but I know without the help of the Lord, her family, and friends she wouldn't be here today. I am very blessed to have my sister not only my sister, but my very best friend.

Happy Mothers Day Mom I love and miss you