Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have an addiction not a bad addiction per say but an addiction none the less. I Love Books, I love to read books, I love to have books, I love to check books out, again and again. Twice a year our base library has a book sale (black Friday for the elderly) let me tell you, you have to be there early, wait in line and cram into a tiny room. But it is so worth it!! this it this years booty 26 books for $19. It was so much fun I had to go back later in the day without a toddler and get 8 more.


Jen said...

You know Brooke, the more I learn about you, I believe we really are kindred spirits. Ditto to the book obsession. Do you also shop at thrift stores for books? Chris knows the best gift he can give me is $20 to go to the thrift store and find cheap books. BTW, love all of them, except for Animal Farm, hated that one.

Cher said...

Books are a good thing!!!! Now lets start up again with our on-line Book Club!

Our Household said...

Jen - I think so too, I just wish we had more time to visit each other. As for thrift stores we have a goodwill bookstore here but they mark the books pretty high. Shane know's that twice a year I need $20 for the library sale. Thanks for the heads up on Animal Farm.

Cher - We really need to start that back up. After I move we will begin again.