Saturday, August 15, 2009


Baby "J" is now two months old
He weighs in at a wopping 15 lb 2 oz
Length 24.5 in
Head 16.25 in Look At Those Baby Blue Eyes
They are the same shade of blue my mom's were
Work-in-out Hansen Style
Unfortunatly with only one vehicle and Shanes crazy schedule,
the kids are going to be riding the bus this year so
we have been practicing waiting in line at the bus stop
& how to sit on the bus (Cute bus driver)
Yes that is an empty Coke bottle in the trash can, I have fallen off the wagon. I even forgot to recycle the bottle so it's a doubble whammy


Cher said...

I love that you cant withstand Coke!!! YEAH!!!
Loved the update and pics of the kids...including the big kid...Shane! Need some updated pics of you!

Isabel said...

Really cute, kids are growing like weeds. Just step away from the coke! You can do it!!

Heidi and Rich said...

I just saw that you updated your blog on Facebook. I rarely check facebook so I feel lucky to have caught your blog update. I had no idea you had your cute baby boy. I love the shoe tying box. Can I copy it?!?! How are you? I see your dad at church - we sure miss your mom. I need to go up and give him a hug for you!!

The Kelly Family said...

Oh I am right there with you sister! I love the Coke, and must give it up!