Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogging = Fun And Games

Share a Memory please!

My Sister has a posting game going on. Sounds like fun and I would like to try it out!

1. When you comment on my blog leave a Memory that you and I had together. It really doesnt matter how long you knew me just anything that you remember!

2.Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I will know that you are playing the game and I will post one about you on your blog.

FUN...FUN..FUN. I am way excited and hope that you will come play!


Anonymous said...

Grandma J has more memories then can ever be posted. One of my favorites is,whenever we packed for vacation, Brooke had to pack dolls first, clothes last. If she ran out of room, she had no clothes.

Cher said...

Do you want a nice sister one or one where I was the bad guy? I will give you a nice one! I (secretly) loved it when you would sat that you were scared and come climb in bed with me...Sometimes I was scared as well.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Me and Brooke were Banned From McDonalds!! I luv this story.
I had a sociology experiment that I needed to do were I needed to do something that was outside of the social norm. So I was crying on Brooke's shoulder, worried I would fail. And we got in her car and we went to the drive-through at McDonalds. She then proceeded to order items for everyone, me , all 5 or 6 members of her family, all off the $1 menu of course.But here's the experiment: each time we went through, we only ordered 1 item each time. The more times we went through, the faster Brooke whipped around the drivethrough. By the last trip 8 i think. The manager told us not tocome back.:(
But I did get an A!! I don't blog but I'm on facebook, if you would share a memory about me!-Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hey you, I just visited chers blog and I did this game on hers and it is fun. I too remeber alot of what we did. I think mostly we were inseperable1!!!! You and I did everything together. I loved to come and stay the weekends that turned into weeks and some times even the whole month! We would stay up late and of couse see who could get the most tan. LOl wasn't that funny? We used to swim all the time in the metal pool and make a whirl pool with it. Oh ya and night games those were fun. Mostly I cherise the time we spent together. I never thought we would live without each other. I can't wait until you come home so we can continue the saga. Hurry, K.