Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making way for more mayham and mishaps

I finally got around to cleaning out my craft room to make room for a new baby
Lucky for us we have never needed to take down and store the crib it has been in near constant use for almost 7 years.Rooster modeling how much fun a chair can be.More mayham and mishaps
Sunday Mr. Zander decided to run across the couch and jump to the love seat, unfortunately he didn't make it and broke his ulna and radius bones near his wrist. So now we have a blue Hulk arm.


Cher said...

Put the Princess in a bubble or she is next!
The room turned out cute. Now come do mine!!!!

Orenda said...

The room looks very cute!
Poor Alex...summer and a cast don't mix very well

Jo said...

Super cute nursery! Poor Guy, that's horrible. Never a dull moment ;)

MIA said...
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MIA said...

Jayden's room is too, too, cute. I love it!!! So sorry about poor Alex's arm. Got to love these crazy boys!

Teresa said...

I think the room is super cute!I jump on the couch all the time and I have never broken anything.:)