Friday, October 2, 2009

My Girl & My Boys

The Princess
Mr Zander

Baby "J"


Jo said...

Very VERY cute! All awesome pictures. Did you take them? Jayden is so cute!

Orenda said...

Those are great pictures! They are getting so big.

MIA said...

So cute! I love seeing your sweet family. Baby J has gotten so big. Love you!

Our Household said...

Yea I took them. Shane didn't like the price of the school pictures, He challenged me and said "I bet you could do better for less". So I tried

Jo said...

You succeeded! I totally agree, the school pictures are not always that great and they cost too much. I'm trying to get our school to switch to a company where volunteers take the photos(parents) and the school gets 50% of the profits. But people are stubborn :)